Revisiting a black and white photo series I shot last year through a retrospective on Hilla and Bernd Becher

July 2022

October 2021

June 2022

Authorship and originality are the strongest drivers of value in art. It’s important to investigate the extent to which NFTs fulfill their claim to…
Crypto art is continuous, while traditional art is discrete: Creating, bidding, and selling take place at the fine time granularities of minutes and…

August 2021

A series of artwork and contexualizing essay challenging viewers to perceive maps as indexical, selective, and colonialist.
The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Season of Migration to the North, The Fatherland, Americanah, The Great Gatsby
Challenges of our grid and lessons learned from the Brooklyn-Queens Demand Management Program
Does his conception match what you understand to be the nature of morality? And is it a conception that ultimately makes sense?
What is Nietzsche's general, philosophical view about the relation between value and the will, or, more particularly, the will to power?
What is Aristotle's conception of the good life and his argument, based on man's distinctive capacities, in favor of this conception?
Salih's novel is about illusory assumptions of insurmountable difference based on culture, gender, nationality, or race.
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